Other Insurance

There are other insurance offerings that can enhance your protection for current policies, or add even more peace of mind to your daily life. Many of these have premiums that are very affordable.

Condo Insurance – Insurance needs for condo owners differ from homeowners. We provide custom coverage to protect your prized possessions.

Renters Insurance – A comprehensive renter’s insurance policy would replace your personal belongings, provide you with a temporary place to stay and protect you in the event of liability.

Umbrella Insurance – Be prepared for any situation with an umbrella policy. Umbrella insurance provides high limits of liability for additional protection against losses that may exceed your homeowners or auto policy limits.

Antique and Collector Car Insurance – With classic car coverage you can insure your classic for how you use it – without paying more than you need.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance – Do you own an RV, boat or snowmobile? We’ll provide you with specialized protection and safeguard all of your adventures

Valuable Articles Insurance – Valuables, such as jewelry, fine art, and antiques, have limited protection under homeowners insurance. Learn how to protect valuable articles.

Flood Insurance – Flood maps and rates may be changing, we’ll keep you informed of updates and help you understand requirements.

Life Insurance – We offer several forms of life insurance so you can be sure of your family’s future is secure

If you’re looking for Other Insurance services, get in touch with us today!